About Us

“No time for sorrow, we are building tomorrow”

Tom Rivett-Carnac, Author on Climate Change Policy

Founded in 2021, The Upcycling Market aims to support the UK’s transition to a circular economy by curating a collection of upcycled alternatives from small, local businesses in a single place online, making truly sustainable shopping easier than ever.

What’s an upcycled product anyway? Simply put, it’s something new made from leftover or otherwise unwanted materials that creates value from waste.

This is different from recycling, which at best downgrades waste into increasingly less valuable materials and at worst is floating in another country’s river. Recycling is broken, and lets companies get away with producing more waste and greenwashing. By buying upcycled, local alternatives, you prevent waste in the first place.

A growing number of UK businesses are starting to creatively upcycle materials we’ve incorrectly thought of as rubbish—the likes of brewed coffee grounds, retired tournament tennis balls, and plastic bottle tops—into new, high-quality products.

If you want to level up your sustainability in a way that can make systemic change—to our environment and our economy—join us.