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Welcome to The Upcycling Market. We are so glad you are here. We would like to take a minute to share our motivation for creating a dedicated marketplace for aesthetic and purposeful upcycled goods in the UK.

Air pollution

It is now widely accepted that our current economy, based on the extraction of finite resources, the manufacturing of goods, their consumption and swift disposal is destroying the planet. Devastating changes to Earth’s climate are being felt all over the world. We are witnessing the progressive degradation of our home.

This economy, called the linear economy, is unsustainable. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Some clever people started paying attention to how our natural world works and noticed that nothing ends up as waste in nature.

Mushrooms growing in the forest

Everything in nature becomes a nutrient for something else – in other words, everything is recycled. Nutrients and energy flow from one form to another in an infinite cycle.

A new economic model arose from these observations called the circular economy. In this system, every effort is made to recover and convert waste into “food” for other processes. In doing so, we preserve Earth’s finite resources for future generations.

Upcycling is the reuse of waste materials in a way that creates something new that is more valuable than the original materials. This process injects value into discarded materials, encourages material recirculation as opposed to extraction, and eliminates the very concept of waste by design.

Overflowing Rubbish Bin in UK

Upcycling plays a key role in the circular economy framework because it acknowledges the value still embedded in waste and byproducts, and loops it back into the economy. We cannot rely on recycling alone.

The Upcycling Market was founded with the mission to empower regular people to divert waste from landfill with every single purchase they make through our site. It is about celebrating mindful, sustainable consumption.

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We bring to you the seeds of change, an ever-growing community of local brands that are designing out waste by designing with it.

Welcome to the future of sustainable shopping.