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What Is Upcycling, Anyhow?

Upcycling is the reuse of discarded materials in a way that creates something more valuable than those original materials. You may be wondering how this is different from recycling.

Most recycling that takes place is actually something called downcycling. The opposite of upcycling, downcycling is the reprocessing of discarded materials into something less valuable than those original materials.

True recycling is when the value of the material is held constant during processing. The list of materials that can be fully recycled is a lot shorter than you have been taught, and all downcycled products will eventually end up in nature or landfill.

TL;DR—Recycling (as we know it) is important, but cannot possibly solve our societal problem with waste. 

The Future of Sustainable Shopping

Upcycling is essential to truly sustainable shopping because it gives rather than takes.

Creating upcycled products extends the life of existing materials, which conserves the finite resources needed to make things from scratch. It's a genuine win-win.

Too few people are aware of what upcycling is and why it matters. We strive to change this by offering you the crème de la crème of upcycled products from small British brands in a single marketplace.

Would you have guessed this gorgeous vegan handbag is made with waste recovered from the fruit juice industry?

Game Over, Greenwashing

Growing demand for more sustainable products has put dollar signs in the eyes of major retailers who put profit before people (and definitely before planet).

In contrast to the brands you will find on our marketplace that were built from the ground up with environmental principles at heart, companies that greenwash are actively distracting consumers with promises of environmental stewardship while continuing business as usual behind the scenes.

In order to stop greenwashing in its tracks, we only sell products from small British brands that consider their full environmental and social impact in addition to working with upcycled materials.

In other words, they've got the whole package! 

It doesn't stop there.

In addition to sourcing the crème de la crème of upcycled products for you, we are pleased to share that every brand we carry on our site embodies several of the values listed below. We are still ironing out the best way to show shoppers the specific values attributed to each product on our site, so stay tuned.
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