Buff + Run - Face Polish
Buff + Run - Face Polish
Buff + Run - Face Polish
Buff + Run - Face Polish

Buff + Run - Face Polish

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This face polish has been specially formulated to be gentle while deeply cleansing and brightening the skin.
Moringa and rice face polish gently exfoliates the skin revealing bright fresh skin. Use every 2-3 days to keep skin clear and even. 
How to
1.  Starting with a damp face, mix a small amount of water with a penny sized dollop of the polish.
2.  Gently massage the polish into the skin, focusing on any areas of congestion or dry skin.
3.  Using hand hot water wring your flannel out and gently remove the polish.
This product contains natural moringa which may need rinsing down the sink. 
PRESERVATIVE FREE: Always use a scoop or dry, clean fingers to apply, do not incorporate water into the jar.
KAOLIN cleanses (British)
ORGANIC BABASSU soothes (wild harvested)
ORGANIC APRICOT plumps (upcycled)
MANGO moisturises (upcycled)
PAPAYA brightens (upcycled)
RICE powder exfoliates (upcycled)
ORGANIC MORINGA powder exfoliates (supports communities)

Additional Information

Delivery packaging
Recycled cardboard packaging with compostable packing peanuts.
Made In (city/state)
Product packaging
This face polish comes in a recyclable glass jar with a recyclable aluminium lid.