Coffee Face Scrub - Oily Skin
Coffee Face Scrub - Oily Skin
Coffee Face Scrub - Oily Skin

Coffee Face Scrub - Oily Skin

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Watermelon seed oil acts as both an emollient and anti-inflammatory - the perfect balance of moisturization and soothing redness. It dissolves oil build up in pores helping oily skin look less greasy. Rich in essential fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic that help to restore skin elasticity.
Scrubbee products are made with upcycled brewed coffee grounds from local Birmingham cafes.
Blended with lemon seed oil to remove greasiness and reduces excess shine. It’s antimicrobial properties can fight bacteria growth on the skin, preventing breakouts.
All our oils included won't stimulate sebum production because they contain the right, targeted active ingredients - so don’t worry about using our oils on oily skin!
How often to use? Use up to twice a week (make sure you’re not over-exfoliating)

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