Soap Dish
Soap Dish
Soap Dish
Soap Dish

Soap Dish

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These recycled plastic soap dishes will bring a pop of colour and interest to your bathroom. At a little under 8cm wide, we’ve designed these to fit on the smallest sink, so they can find their place in anyone’s home. The bobbles hold your soap (hopefully plastic free!) out of the water, the centre hole allows the water to drain away.
Flip it over and you'll find the PP5 and recycling symbol - that's the plastic resin ID code, telling you that it's Polypropylene, handmade from things like coat hangers, broken tupperware, DVD cases and other items not generally recycled at kerbside in our region. The hope is that by making this plastic 'waste' into something beautiful and long lasting, we've increased the value of something that could sit in our landfills, or oceans, for hundreds of years. 
For a limited time, all soap dish orders will receive a free mini round of soap. Surplus and destined for w*ste, we rescued it before the hotel could throw it in landfill. But no worries, it’s completely usable and safe. What a bonkers world we live in!
Each soap dish is unique, as the recycled plastic shreds are measured, mixed, injected and finished by hand.
We cannot guarantee that the dish you see is the one you receive. But that’s the magic in the process - each one has its own unique swirls.

Additional Information

Delivery packaging
We use either kraft wrapping paper and paper tape (both recycleable) or a reused box. We thought long and hard about buying new packaging boxes... but there's so much already out there! so if you get something a bit mangled, please dont judge the shipment by the box ;D
Made In (city/state)
Product packaging
Each soap dish comes attached to a recycled craft paper card with a metal split pin. Both are recycleable, and the split pin is reusable. We really hope you'll love and cherish these plastic relics, but when you're done, you can actually send them back to us and we will re-recycle them again!